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Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles: Assembly/ Disassembly 4th Ed.

Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles: Assembly/ Disassembly 4th Ed.


Master Your Centerfire Rifle from the Inside Out!

Arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence to get your rifles apart and back together again with the Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly 4th Edition. Authored by master gunsmith Kevin Muramatsu, this indispensable reference covers 87 models and more than 400 variants of the most popular bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, lever-action rifles and single-shot rifles available today. And newly updated to include 20 additional centerfire rifles, this guide is more comprehensive than ever before.

In this guide, Muramatsu boils down rifle assembly/disassembly into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process even greenhorn gun enthusiasts can grasp. He delves into the tools required to undertake a project and offers tricks and tips to get over sticky points particular to each make and model. And with vivid photographs of each procedure, the master gunsmith makes certain you never get lost in the array of your rifle’s parts.

Whether you are a shooter, gunsmith or gun collector, the Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly 4th Edition is a must-have addition to your firearms library. With this essential resource you’ll master your centerfire rifle from the inside out.

Models Included:
Argentine Model 1891 Mauser
Austrian Mannlicher Model 1895
Benelli R1
Bergara B-14
Browning A-Bolt III
Browning BAR
Browning BLR 81
Browning X-Bolt
Bushmaster M17S
Calico Model M-900
Chiappa M1-9
Colt AR-15
CZ 527 Lux
CZ 550 112
Dixie Sharps Model 1874
Egyptian Hakim
Egyptian Rasheed
Feather AT-9 Carbine
FN-Model 1949 (ABL)
Harrington & Richardson Ultra
Henry Big Boy
Hi-Point Model 995
HK SL8-6
Howa 1500
Italian Carcano Model 1891 Carbine
Japanese Arisaka Type 99
Kimber 84M
Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1961-MCA
Marlin Model 336
Marlin X7Y
Mauser Model 1898
Mossberg 100 ATR
Mossberg 479
Navy Arms 1873 Springfield
Remington Model 600
Remington Model 700
Remington Model 742
Remington Model 770
Remington Model 783
Remington Model 788
Remington Model 7600
Remington Rolling Block
Rossi Circuit Judge
Ruger 44 Carbine
Ruger American
Ruger Mini-14
Ruger No. 1
Ruger Model 77
Ruger Model 96-44
Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 1891
Russian SKS (Simonov)
Sabatti 870 Rover
Sako 85M Finnlight
Sako Forester
Savage Model 25
Savage Model 99
Savage Model 110
Savage Axis
SIGArms Model SHR970
Springfield M1A
Springfield M6 Scout
Steyr Mannlicher Scout
Swedish Mauser Model 1894
Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Model 1911
Taurus CT40
Thompson Model 1927A1
Thompson/Center Encore
Thompson/ Center Venture
Tikka M695
Tikka T3 Lite
U.S. Model 1894 Krag-Jorgensen
U.S. Model 1917 Enfield
U.S. 30 M-1 Carbine
U.S. M-1 Garand
U.S. Model 1903 Springfield
Weatherby Mark V
Winchester Model 70
Winchester Model 71
Winchester Model 1873
Winchester Model 1892
Winchester Model 1894
Winchester SX AR
Winchester XPR

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