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Firearms Finishing

Village Pine Custom Gunsmithing, Inc. has significant experience applying the firearms industry's modern purpose built firearms coatings, such as Cerakote® and DuraCoat®, as well as offering customers traditional finishing blueing and Parkerizing as requested.  These services have been performed not only for local customers, but also out-of-state customers and to area manufacturers.  We paint dozens to scores of guns every month for the pickiest, most quality conscious businesses in the industry and have done so for going on ten years.  Firearms finished here are completed to the highest standards.

Custom Finishing - 

Finishing jobs done for individual firearms owners and for demonstration purposes.


Production Finishing - 

We offer production Cerakote® and DuraCoat® for your business needs. We offer special pricing for businesses looking to add one or more of these options for their products.  Village Pine currently does this type of finishing for four manufacturers and wants to help you affordably customize your manufacturing process.

Dealers Welcome -

Village Pine offers excellent discounts for other gunsmithing shops and stores.  Dealers, please contact us for more information.


Please call the shop at 651-330-9199 or contact us here for a quote on any service.

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